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My Whole 30 January 2019, so far!

Whole 30 is a reset. The reset I need to kick this sugar addiction, form new food habits and shed the weight I have wanted to shed for years! If you haven’t heard of Whole 30, definitely check it out! This is the basic rundown! I am on Day 8. I started early because I was… Continue reading My Whole 30 January 2019, so far!

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Experimenting with Fermenting

  Around  the first of November, a friend shared some of her Water Kefir grains with me. I had asked around to find someone who had extra to share. If you are not familiar with Water Kefir, check out Wellness Mama and Cultures for Health. It is a fantastic probiotic drink that tastes similar to Ginger… Continue reading Experimenting with Fermenting

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25 Days of Christmas books

This year, our family will celebrate 25 days of Christmas beginning December 1. My heart for this is to bring our family together for a special time of devotion and focus on Jesus during the busyness of the season! We have children from 6 years old to 16 years old, so these times together are… Continue reading 25 Days of Christmas books

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2017 RV Road Trip

It's been a full year since we took the RV Road Trip we had always talked and dreamed about! This trip created a strong desire to travel and explore in our family! Here's some back story: Last Spring (2017), we were walking through several changes in our family and business. My husband became a pastor.… Continue reading 2017 RV Road Trip

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Grandma Silver’s Pound Cake and 18 years!

Grandma Silver made her special pound cake for my hubby's birthday every year (and other special cakes chosen by the other grandchildren). So, when it was time to choose a Groom's cake for our wedding, there was no question what kind he wanted. His Aunt Jane and Grandma Silver made several and placed them on… Continue reading Grandma Silver’s Pound Cake and 18 years!